• Gap assessment 

  • SHEQ Risk Assessments

  • Compliance assessment

  • Development, implementation and maintenance of management systems

  • Training of personnel

  • Process safety risk management

  • Environmental risk management

  • Security risk management

  • Product handling, storage and transportation risk management

  • Logistics risk management throughout your business value chain

  • Incident / accident management

  • Incident / accident investigation and reconstruction

  • Root cause analysis of all types of business interruptions / incidents / accidents

  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisory services

  • Chemical compatibility studies

  • Route risk assessments

  • Asset Tracking Solutions

  • truck 911 Call Center Service

Management Systems

We specialize in the following management systems

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 45000


    • Road

    • Warehousing

    • Wash Bay

  • RTMS

Chemical Distribution Institute

  • CDI - Terminal

  • CDI - IMPCAS (Packed Cargo)



With 50+ years experience in the Petrochemical industry, we provide a superior service at an affordable rate to the logistics sector and industry. International experience provide a further advantage as transfer of best practices is part of our services whilst confidentiality stays a priority. International accredited inspectors ensure the highest quality of service to be our norm. Your success is our success, we are partners in business and not just consultants

Certifications / Accreditations

  • CDI-T Inspector

  • CDI-IMPCAS Inspector

  • EMS Auditor

  • Certified trainer

  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor


We provide unique tracking solutions for your assets. 

Tracking devices with their own power source for:

Trailers, Tankers, Rail tankers, Shipping Containers, Waste skips, Boats and every other mobile asset you need to be tracked.

Contact us for a solution to fit your business and assets.


Proud to bring you the first and only Emergency Response Call Center service dedicated for all Transport Service providers in partnership with Crisis On Call

We keep your drivers, assets and the community safe.

ER response with a difference.

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